The Future Of Anti Aging | Stem Cells In Skin Care

February 28, 2020

What The Hell Is A Stem Cell?

My first thought exactly. Sounds cool, maybe something a little James Bond-ish, and if it’s that count me in. I need to know nothing more. But in all honesty, are stem cells in skin care just hype? Or do they actually help with firming and fighting free radicals as they say? Let’s dive in. When researching this, I was really interested in not only where stem cells fit into the skin care lineup, but also how they were being portrayed as helpful and if they could...actually help with anti aging and fine lines. 

Stem Cell Cosmetics Scientific Discovery

A stem cell is a cell that helps a plant regenerate new cells after injury, so by in large you would find interest in putting these little guys into a cosmetic anti aging cream and see if we could get the same result for our skin. The antioxidant elements of the plants or fruit stem cells do transfer to the skin and reduce inflammation and provide super fruit vitamin C support but the regenerative effect of stem cells (like growing a liver from human stem cells) doesn't quite work that way. The reason is, stem cell extract is powerful and helpful but not quite the same as fresh live stem cells. So why not put fresh stem cells on your face?

Stem Cells Vs Stem Cell Extract

Finding plant stem cells that are alive and fresh and combining their alive-ness with the deliverability of skin application is going to be very difficult aka Scientists haven’t sorted that out yet. They haven’t done it because keeping plant stem cells on a shelf for a long while is next to impossible without them dying. So deliverability has become the issue. But scientists have figured out how to combine the stem cells into an extract, and while not as effective or possibly dangerous as live stem cells, they can add serious super fruit antioxidant potency to your anti aging skin care routine.

In Conclusion: Are Stem Cell Cosmetics The Future Of Skin Care?

To keep it brief; it’s undecided at this point. Obviously when the labs figure out a way to keep the stem cells alive longer and create a viable delivery option for fresh stem cells on your face it will be a more productive application. But with Lingonberry stem cell extracts from organic sources, that place an antioxidant barrier around your UV tortured skin its the most cutting edge anti aging ingredient that science has to deliver in this current climate and we believe that since there is a massive amount of vitamin C in lingonberries and collagen production relies on Vitamin C, stem cells in your anti aging products can only help the cause for more youthful skin and a better appearance.


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